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Charter of Freedom Air Services
Freedom Air Service manages a comprehensive fleet of well-appointed corporate aircrafts to suit any mission profile, providing flexibility and suitability to client's requirements.

Freedom Air Services means a wider choice of aircraft, increased on-board comfort and privacy includes a better working or rest environment. Superior service, both on the ground and in the air adds value to business trips, safety is assured with well-trained crew and a fleet of modern aircraft certified to the highest standards.

Freedomm Air undertake worldwide charter, via our associates companies worldwide, our well-trained and experienced staff is available 24 hours a day to provide clients with prompt and cost-effective quotes. Quotes can be obtained by telephone, fax or e-mail and contain no hidden costs. Detailed quotes lists- aircraft hire costs, crew and catering costs, overflight, landing permits and navigation charges and any other sundry items that may arise. All flight planning is performed by our well trained executives, thereby reducing costs and saving time. Flexibility in travel itinerary means the last minute changes can easily be accommodated and no time is wasted in check-in procedures, aircraft parking and waiting for baggage etc.

Freedom Air first-class facilities includes secure parking, comfortable passenger lounges, executive restrooms and in other related services.

Freedom Air's policy of services excellence ensures first-class treatment for all our clients on the ground before and after departure as well as on board.

Today Freedom Air is India's premier specialist agency for aircraft, helicopter charters and has the distinction of being one of the pioneers in aircraft charter business, providing our valuable clients with their very own personal aeroplane/ helicopter of their choice, with complete facilities including in flight cuisine and services to match their taste.

We have an access to more than 21 different types of airplanes and helicopters with a fleet ranging from cheaper piston engines to luxurious turboprops and Jets to offer our clients for their charter requirements.

We are catering to the requirements of the VIPs, Corporate house, Travel Agents, Tour Operators, affluent tourists/ pilgrims and air medical evacuation.

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