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Requirements of different Govt. Departments for non-schedule flight clearances :

Minimum notice period required for the clearances, as per the following :
Overflight / Technical halt : Minimum time required by D.G.C.A. is Three Working Days prior notice
Landing for traffic purposes : Minimum time required by D.G.C.A. is Three Working Days prior notice
Seasonal Overflight Schedule : Minimum time required by D.G.C.A. is One Month.
Landing at Defence Airfield : Minimum time required by Defence Authorities/ D.G.C.A. is ten working days. Also, complete passport details of all the crew members and Passengers has to be submitted along with filled in prescribed Application form.
The minimum notice period requirements, however, may not be required for the following cases :
  • Ambulance Flight - Name and address of the patient and the doctor will be required along with hospital's name.
  • Relief aircraft of schedule passenger airline due to grounding of aircraft.
  • Relief flights in case of natural calamities.
There is no requirement to obtain flight clearances for aircraft operating outside the Indian territory which includes the territorial waters but within the Indian Flight Information Regions (FIRs).

As per AIC-05/1998 of D.G.C.A, flight clearance will not be granted after December 31' 1998, for an aircraft, to operate in the Indian Airspace, having a maximum certified passenger seating configuration of more than 30 seats or a maximum payload capacity of more than 3 tonnes, unless it is equipped with an approved ACAS-II/TCAS-II

Applications forwarded by Ministries/Departments of Govt. of India, and by the Missions of the concerned countries through and duly supported by Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), may be given clearance notwithstanding the guidelines of notice period. Such applications are required to be forwarded by the Ministries/Departments at the level of Deputy Secretary/Directors and above.

Prior clearances and time frame will be required from the concerned Ministries/Govt. Departments in arranging Customs/Immigration/Health facilities, if an international registered aircraft is operating through Domestic airports, involving international arrival/departure, where the above facilities are not available.
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