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Our Services
Permit Arrangement
Co-ordination with Ministry
Passenger / Cargo Operations
Ramp Security Providing
Emergency Clearance
Hotel Arrangements
Services of Freedom Air Services
+ Arrange permits through Govt. of India / Nepal for :
  • Overfly
  • Technical Landing
  • Landing permission for the flight operating for commercial purposes
  • Passenger / Cargo. - Relief Operations.
  • Medical Flights
  • Traffic Rights / Airport Slots
+ Arrange Supervised Ground Handling Services as per the IATA ground handling Annex A, Section 13. One professionally trained supervisor is assigned for each flight, who controls the complete operations of the flight from arrival to its departure.

+ Supervision of the complete handling of flight of corporate and commercial jets in India and Nepal, ensuring all contracted service levels are maintained to achieve on-time departure. Also ensuring that aircraft operations, aircraft handling and documentation are conducted to the airlines specific requirement and are in accordance with ICAO/IATA recommended practices.

+ Complete co-ordination with the Ministry of Defence, D.G.C.A., Airports Authority of India and other Govt. Authorities for obtaining necessary clearances, permits and slots.

+ Co-ordination with local Fuel Agencies for the fuel uplift.

+ Arrangements of in-flight services including Catering, Aircraft Cleaning etc.

+ Provision/arrangements of ramp security for parked aircraft.

+ Any odd time clearances for emergency operations.

+ Operational assistance - Flight Planning, Flight Watch, Weather Briefings and provisions of current Notams. If required, also can provide worldwide operational assistance, including overfly and landing permissions.

+ Tour operator's representation - provided by additional dedicated team of our tour division.

+ Keep track of each flight round the clock from its arrival to take-off.

+ Arrange hotel accommodation and transport for both crew and passengers.

+ Assistance to crew and passenger to complete their airport formalities.

+ Specialises in the handling of diplomatic and VIP flights, coordinating with the concerned Govt. Authorities

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