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4. Conditions for Operation of ITP Charter Flights :
4.1. Foreign ITP Charter Flights to India (Inbound Tourist Charters) :
  • The foreign ITP charter flights shall originate from any place outside India.
  • All tourists carried on these flights should have booked the inclusive tour package in the originating countries.
  • The duration of stay of charter tourists in India shall not be less than one week and not more than four weeks.
  • All arrangements in India for the tourists will be through Indian Tour Operators recognised by the Ministry of Tourism and the charges for arrangements will be paid in advance.
  • Indian passport holders are also permitted to travel by ITP charter flights.
  • ITP charter flights may be operated to any airport in India without any limitations on frequency of flights or size of the aircraft provided customs and immigration facilities are available.
  • ITP charter flights can also be operated to other airports and these facilities would be made available on either ad-hoc or seasonal basis by Customs and Immigration authorities on the request of tour operator.
  • Tourists flying on ITP charter flights can only fly into India and out of the country by using the services of same charter operator.
  • The charter operators may be permitted to carry one-way passengers not availing 'Inclusive Tour Package', on the first leg of outward operation and on the last leg of inward operation, subject to the condition that the charter operations are in a series of at least eight flights to any metro destination (Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore and Hyderabad) and at least four flights to any other destination.
  • The Indian Tour Operator may send two bonafide representatives on such charter flights to finalise arrangements with the principals.
  • Tourists availing ITP charter flights would not be permitted to fly on inward or outward journeys using a scheduled airline. In emergency cases like medical etc., DGCA may permit tourists, arriving on a
    charter flight to depart on scheduled flights or vice versa.
  • The embarkation point to India and the final destination out of India need not be the same. ITP charter flight may also transport the tourists brought into the country on domestic sectors in India as part of the
    package. However, the initial place of arrival and the final place of departure from India shall be from the airports wherein customs and immigration facilities are available.
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