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Tourist Charter Guidelines
  • The foreign ITP charter flights shall originate from any place outside India.
  • The tour operator shall ensure the following :
    1. All foreign aircraft operators operating ITP charter flights must be in possession of valid Air Operator's Certificate (AOC) or equivalent document issued by their DGCA as per ICAO requirements.
    2. The flight crew operating such flight(s) are familiar with the regulations, operating procedures, limitations, and restrictions in respect of airport, airspace and facilities intended to be used, that may be in force at the time of operation of the flight(s) in India.
    3. The aircraft is fitted with ACAS-II/TCAS-II - Change 7 in accordance with the Aeronautical Information Circular (AIC) 5 of 1998.
    4. Advance coordination with the concerned agencies like airport, customs and immigration authorities so that the services and facilities necessary for the operation of the flights are available at the concerned airports in India.
  • The ITP charter flights will not be permitted to be used for purposes other than carrying bona fide ITP tourists and for carriage of cargo under 'Open Sky Policy'.
  • The ITP charter flights shall operate to the airport(s) in India as specified in the flight clearance issued by DGCA. For any change, the operator shall obtain prior approval of Director General of Civil Aviation.
  • Handling of the ITP charter flights shall be done by any authorised handling agency.
  • The tour operator shall furnish to DGCA the names and description of the tourists brought by them on the ITP charter flights within three working days of their arrival in India for counting the same for outbound charters.
  • The flights shall be operated in accordance with the approved flight schedules.
  • All ITP charter flights shall operate on promulgated ATS routes for international operations.
  • All registered baggage carried on the ITP charter flights shall be subjected to mandatory checks as specified by the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security.
  • Compliance with any other condition considered necessary by DGCA.
4.2. ITP Charter Flights from India (Outbound Tourist Charters)
  • ITP charter flights may originate from any place in India.
  • All tourists carried on these flights should have booked their inclusive
    tour package in India.
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