Freedom Air Services Pvt. Ltd. is a leading independent aviation related service provider in India and Nepal. Freedom was established in the year 1997, with the objective of assisting, international airlines in their administrative and operational requirements, while operating through this part of the globe.

The highest quality, continuous attention and the support services are the hallmark of Freedom Air Services, backed by carefully trained and a dedicated team of professionals, who have served the company with energy and loyalty and enabled the company to continue, meeting our commitments to safety, quality and the customer’s satisfaction.

Freedom Air Services provides complete operational and administrative supports, with full time representation to the international operators in India and Nepal, performing as liaison between the carrier, handling companies, concerned Civil Aviation departments and the service agencies.

Freedom provides supervised ground support services, that a client needs and expects in a competitive, service-driven market. We believe in one single point of contact for the entire operations through our area of activity, so that we could keep updated our customers, with the latest information through our 24 hours Operations Control Office at New Delhi.